"Ivo Vollering is a fingerstyle guitarist from Berlin. His instrumental music is a blend of ambient moods, Jazz sounds and traditional finger-style guitar.
Alongside beeing an artist he produces and writes music for and with other artists and is facinated to explore and craft sound with other humans.

His new musical exploration, 'The time we spend,' encapsulates the idea of embracing the present and navigating life's diverse experiences. As a solo guitarist and father of three, he acknowledges the perpetual interplay of challenges and joys, urging us to respond to the ever-shifting moment.
Drawing inspiration from jazz, folk, and blues—echoing influences like Nils Frahm, Scofield, and Buck Meek—Ivo has carved a unique sonic identity. His instrumental guitar compositions offer a therapeutic journey for both creator and listener, encouraging us to explore the subtle threads within the emotional tapestry.
Ivo’s latest album invites us to join his personal sonic expedition. The music serves as a guide through uncharted emotional territories, unveiling the profound beauty inherent in each fleeting moment."

Ivo grew up in Berlin and started his music education during high school, studying with Andy Malecek rock guitar. After a few years of studying 'something useful' in the form of a BSc in Chemistry, starting a family and other things, he decided to get back to music, this time moving towards Jazz. After taking lessons with Martin Werner and teaming up with different jazz buddies, he finally, in 2009, went on to enrol at the ArtEZ Conservatorium Arnhem (Netherlands) studying Jazz/Fusion Guitar with Bernhard Reinke. Despite engaging in various projects since that time - including studio work, playing as a sideman for various vocalists (Charlie Grant, Freddie Dickson, Vivian van der Spree), and writing for his own fusion and pop formations - he has always come back to what he considers most fascinating: finger style guitar. Since then he started to focus on this particular style, writing and arranging his own compositions and performing solo concerts on a regular basis. By the end of 2017 he released his album called "Happy new home".
In 2019 two singles have been added to the popular Spotify playlist „Acoustic Concentration“.
With almost 3 million total streams Ivo's music resonates with audiences around the globe.

Ivo plays a Martin OM28 and a Huss & Dalton OOO-SP with Earnie Ball Earthwood strings